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J20 Defense Campaign Goes Global/July 20-27 Week of Solidarity!

This past week, our J20 campaign not only received endorsements from more unions and organizations across the country, but from multiple European unions as well.  As we approach the J20 Week of Solidarity July 20-27 organized by Defend J20 Resistance, we're happy to have this boost of energy and support! Continue reading

Supporting Our J20 Defense Campaign: Guide for Union Members

Getting Your Local/Org to Help Out: A Handy How-to Guide. This is a guide for union members and others on our J20 defense campaign and where you might fit in to it. Written by a former teamster rank-and-filer. Continue reading

Unionism and Anti-Fascism

Statement on Opposing All Oppression from the Twin Cities GDC Local 14 Continue reading

What is Community Self Defense?

The Industrial Workers of the World is much larger and more prominent than the General Defense Committee, which is a committee of the IWW, but maintains separate membership. People can be members of both groups; officers in both organizations must be members of the IWW, but one may join the GDC without joining in the IWW. The spike of interest in both organizations after the 2016 Presidential election caught a lot of us by surprise. The Twin Cities GDC has roughly quadrupled in membership in the last twelve months;  one quarter of them joined after the election. Continue reading